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Simple Single Rifle SLingsThe origins of Psy-Op Tactical date back to the late 1990’s when I was involved with several agencies on rifle training and discovered the lack of suitable items for the Law Enforcement and Military Snipers.

Since that time Tactical Options and Solutions Group has evolved into Psy-Op Tactical and the list of products continues to grow daily.  The KISS principal (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) continues to be one of our primary driving concepts with all our products.  If we can develop a product that is simple to operate and use, it makes the life of the Operator much easier, because they don’t have to learn some unnecessary and overly complex set of moves to make the product work.

The extremely successful line of Simple Single Rifle Sling products continues to grow. The Simple Single II our two point rifle sling with its exclusive Cruiser Ready™ capabilities are unequaled by any other products on the market today.

Late in 2011 we took on the challenge of providing a med pouch for dealing with major trauma, ie: gunshot wound treatment.  Intensive research and consulting with emergency personnel, doctors and trauma room medical personnel we narrowed down the contents and designed a pouch around what these first responder EMS professionals thought were the essentials.  The OSIH Med Pouch was the result. Battle Sash Tactical Bandoleer


On our latest project, we consulted with a Federal Marshal that wanted a means to carry his kit but did not want to wear a heavy vest on the stakeout.  A few ideas were tossed about and the result was the revolutionary Battle Sash, an innovative Molle Compatible Bandoleer.  Attach whatever pouches you want, configure the Battle Sash to your needs and you are good to go for any situation.  Keep the Battle Sash over the passenger seat and you have a complete “High Speed” grab and go fighting rig.


Email design, technical or development inquiries to Bruce@psyoptactical.com

  • Latest Developments

    The Operator Holsters were the outgrowth of several tactical nylon projects and the many years of carrying a concealed handgun on a professional level. The premier holster of the line is the Operative, this is a conventional belt mounted pancake style Kydex Holster but is much more. The Operative can be converted to a conventional IWB (Inside-The Waistband) or into a Deep Cover configuration that allows the short to be tucked into the trousers. This all allows the Operator to configure the holster to their specific needs.

    The Agent Holster is our answer to the dedicated IWB (Inside-The-Waistband) holster but uses a positive and proven means to secure the holster to the user’s belt. I have personally tested the designs and have worn the holsters on more than one occasion for 20 hours straight while on assignements.