GTA Contractor Bag

The GTA Contractor’s Bag was the result of a friend who had decided to return to the wild world as a Civilian Contractor.  The bag was specifically designed to meet the special needs of a Civilian Contractor.

  • Had to be low profile (not look military)
  • Had to hold 4 rifle magazines (M-4 or AK)
  • Securely carry a med kit
  • Securely carry a full IV kit
  • Be mission adaptable with the a PALS Grid system
  • Carry a concealed handgun and extra magazines
  • Carry the essentials of a small office / administrative essentials
  • Ability to grab the bag from between seats in a vehicle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Be durable
  • Be durable
  • And did I mention be durable


The result is the current configuration seen in the photos. 

  • Four rifle magazines, M-4 or AK
    • Abrasion strip to protect the bag and the magazines from damage
    • Mil-Spec Elastic retainers on the inside at each end to secure
      • Med Kit
      • IV-Kit
      • 3 row 13 column PALS Grid in the inside of the main compartment for mission specific requirements
      • Two low profile side pockets
        • One pocket is lined with Genuine Mil-Spec Loop Velcro to mount a concealed holster
        • One pocket is set up with an administrative panel that will hold
          • A Smart Phone
          • Compact digital camera
          • Voice recorder
          • Small note pad
          • Pens and other essentials
          • The bottom of the GTA is equipped with a skid plate of Mil-spec Webbing to prevent damage from being tossed into vehicles equipped with diamond deck flooring
          • Grab Handles on each end to facilitate grabbing  the bag from between a vehicles seats
          • Detachable shoulder strap
          • Wrap around carry handles that will support up to 3.400 pounds


The GTA Contractor’s Bag is a very specialized piece of gear that true professionals can appreciate.


The GTA will accommodate four rifle magazines, M-4 or 30 round AK.  There is a sewn in abrasion strip at the base of the bag where the magazines come to rest which prevents the magazines from chaffing through the bottom of the bag.  The interior ends of the bag have mil-spec elastic to secure a med-kit and the specified IV kits yet they are easily removed for use.  There is a 3 row by 13 column PALS grid that will accommodate any compatible pouch from other manufacturers.  There are two low profile exterior pockets, one of the pockets is lined with Loop (genuine mil-spec Velcro) to mount a holster to secure a concealed handgun.  (The Psy-Op Tactical Operative holster can be configured to mount on this panel.)  The other side pocket contains a complete admin panel to securely hold pens, smart phone, compact digital camera, digital voice recorder, and note pad.  The bottom of the GTA is reinforced with mil-spec webbing for durability.  The bag had to withstand being carried and dragged across diamond decking and this webbing skid plate had proved to be just the thing.  There are grab handles on each end of the bag, a shoulder strap and carry handles.  The carry handles wrap the entire body of the GTA. The result is a bag capable of carrying extremely heavy loads and not be compromised.

The GTA Contractor’s Bag is a very specialized piece of gear that only true professionals can appreciate.

Purchase at: DGG Taser and Tactical Supply

  • Latest Developments

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    The Agent Holster is our answer to the dedicated IWB (Inside-The-Waistband) holster but uses a positive and proven means to secure the holster to the user’s belt. I have personally tested the designs and have worn the holsters on more than one occasion for 20 hours straight while on assignements.